8 Beit El St. Old City Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 02-628-2634 Jeff's Cell 052-286-7795
US Fax:206-333-1134 Isr. Fax 02-628-2639

8 Beit El, Jewish Quarter

Student Center Director

Jeff Seidel

Ezra Amichai

Batya Israel

Asher Meza

Miriam Pitterman

Daniella Warren


Hours 9am-3pm

Cell 052 286-7795

Office (02-628-2634) US (765-734-3356)

US Fax #206-984-1067

Isr. Fax #02-628-3629


The Old City Student Center is the main office and “springboard” for the JSIC’s diversified activities throughout the country. In order to meet the needs of JSIC’s rapid expansion, construction has begun on a new building in Jerusalem, which will serve as a nucleus for the varied activities.

Activities include in-service counseling, yeshiva classes, regular lectures on topics like Jewish Philosophy or Halacha followed by a basketball or football game or even a movie, tours of the western wall tunnels and Shabbat Hospitality. Students are welcome to make themselves at home in the spacious lounge or browse in the Center’s library which includes video and audio tapes on a variety of Jewish Topics.

Students and Tourists seeking to expand their studies are referred to various yeshivas and programs, according to the individual’s needs and desires.