Gerard Behar Center Public University (Beit Ha’am), 11 Bezalel St. 02-6240034625-4156 02-6234654   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sun – Thurs 8:00-12:30. New classes begin frequently, and include a full range of levels. Principal: Yehudit Finelt. 25 hours a week. Open to both Jerusalem and non-Jerusalem residents. Located close to the Central Bus Station.
Ulpanit Haoleh Rechov Sokolov 15 (Previously called Beit Mitchell) 02-563750502-5618235 052-8313949 02-5634604   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Non-intensive ulpan, meeting 2 or 3 times a week (mornings or afternoons). Intensive morning classes are also available. Conversational classes are offered in addition to the regular Ulpan. Ten different levels (beginners to advanced). Intensive July ulpan is available. Contact: Haddassah Yaron. The higher-level classes focus on literature, radio and T.V. Additional classes open continually based on the number of people who register.
Ulpan Etzion 6 Gad St., Baka 02-6734347 02-6733-633   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Living accomodations cost is $1200 for 5 months (open to individuals ages 21 to 32 only). You must have an academic degree in order to join. This Ulpan is open to Olim; no tourists allowed. Acceptance to the ulpan must be pre-arranged through the Shaliach. Classes are Sun – Thurs 8:15-12:45. For Winter/Spring 2006, classes run January 15 – June 15. Contact: Ofra Kotz. Director: Anat Uzzan. Write to: mketzion@jazo.org.il
Fanny Kaplan Ulpan 21 Morris Fisher, (Tzomet Pat) St. 02-6799062     Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sun – Wednesday, 8:30 – 12:45, for 6 months. Beginning levels only (Aleph, Bet & Gimmel). Half the students are English speaking, the other half French and most are religious. Contact: Cecile Gootel.
Hebrew University Mt. Scopus, Binyan Goldsmith, School for Overseas Students In Israel:02-5882621 In the U.S.: 1-800-404-8622 212-472-2288 In Israel:02-5827078   For Hebrew University students or external students of academic record only. Sun – Thurs, 8:30 – 13:00. Intensive courses offered on six levels, from beginners to advanced, consisting of 200 academic hours. Principal: Carmia Shuvall. Contact: Sarah Tamir. For information see: http://overseas.huji.ac.il. For pre-course information online, see Also see www.overseas.huji.ac.il/hebrew.php.
Ulpan Or 24 Keren Hayessod St. (Entrance from 1 Mendele Mocher Sfarim St.) 02-561-1132 02-561-1314   Private ulpan, not recognized by Misrad Haklita. Cost ranges between $189 and $450. Individual or small-group courses upgrade your Hebrew by one level in just 10 meetings using the “Personal Immersion Language Learning Method”. Programs include “Distance Learning” courses utilizing the Internet and other tools; back-to-school courses for kids; academic courses and hi-tech courses. Contact: See www.ulpanor.com or write to ulpanor@email.com. Educational materials can be purchased at the online store without registering for a course. Director: Orly Ganor.
Beit Canada Raziel St. 27, E. Talpiot 02-6734201/2 02-6735261   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sun – Thurs, mornings 8:30 – 13:00 and evenings from 5:30 – 8:30pm for 5 months. Beginner levels only. Contact: Ruth Stef. Classes open based on registration.
Hebrew Union College 13 King David St. 02-6203333 02-6251478   Private ulpan, not recognized by the Misrad Haklita. Cost is 1,250 NIS per course. Non-intensive program, Mon & Wed., 5;15 – 7:50 pm for 3 months. Principal: Hannah Saggi. Write to: Hsaggie@hotmail.com. Registration is Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 am – 1:00 pm or Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 4:30-6:00pm. Night Ulpan: 5:15-7:50 p.m.
YMCA Ulpan 26 King David St. 02-5692692052-674770 02-6235192   Private ulpan, not recognized by Misrad Haklita. Special method for English speakers. Classes are in English. Morning classes are held Mon & Wed 8:30-10:00 a.m. and afternoon classes are Mon & Wed 4:30-6:00 p.m. Principal: Rachel Cohen. Additional classes open based on registration. Night Ulpan: 4:30-6:00 pm.
Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center for Conservative Judaism Agron 8, Rechavia 02-6256386extension 4 02-6234127   Not recognized by Misrad Haklita. “Hebrew for Hebrew speakers”. The opportunity to improve reading comprehension and oral skills. Private Hebrew-study discussion groups for level gimmel and up. Donation of NIS 5.00 per meeting. For English speakers only. Wednesday from 3:30-5:00pm. Contact: Rabbi Romm. See www.uscj.org.il.
The Jerusalem Institute for Education – Milah 4 Mevo HaMatmid St. (Center of Jerusalem) 02-6233164 02-6249834   A privately run Ulpan (not recognized by Misrad Haklita), with reduced fees for new Olim (up to 4 years). Partial scholarships also available. Intensive morning classes four times a week (9am-12pm), levels Aleph – Daled. Less intensive evening classes twice a week (levels Aleph – Vav). Special courses connected to Israeli culture/literature also offered. Courses run throughout the year, each semester 12-14 weeks long. Includes extra curricular activities. Also offers a free service to new Olim who need help with translation of documents, CVs, navigating Israeli bureaucracy etc. For further information contact the office at 02 623 3164 or milah@milah.org or see our website at www.milah.org.
Ulpan Morasha (Touro College) Community Cente22 Rehov Shivtei Yisrael Jerusalem 02-6281032     Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Intense morning program, 8:30 am -13:00 pm, 5 days a week. For English, Russian, and French speakers. Less intense program also available. Call the Director, Arieh Swerdlow, to register.
Ulpan Eitan Clal Bldg. 97 Jaffa Rd. 02-6564834 02-6235134   Private ulpan, not recognized by Misrad Haklita. Intensive instruction in small groups or private classes. Most of the learning is one-on-one. Excellent for people looking for significant results in a short period of time. Contact: Shlomo Eitan at hebrew@netvision.net.il or info@MyHebrewTutor.com. For more information see: www.myhebrewtutor.com
Ulpan for Olim Teenagers 14 Gideon St., Baka, Jerusalem 02-6731293052 287 4209 02-6731298   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. For ages 10 – 18. Eases students into the Israeli school system. Each course is 3 – 4 months long. Classes open continuously throughout the year. Director: Yael Shalom. Courses include trips to museums, hikes, etc. Six levels are offered. Emphasis on reading history texts.
Beit Ulpana Rechov Zerach Barnett 6 02-6518896050-876-2937 02-6521544   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Open to women only. Sun – Thurs, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm. New classes open based on registration. Contact: Doley Landman. 5 month sessions.
Har Nof        
Gilo Community Center Vardinon St. 14, Gilo 02-6768886 02-6763028   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Beginners classes (Aleph & Bet) in the mornings, advanced classes (Bet, Gimmel & Daled) offered in the evenings. Contact: Sara Maizel.
Baka Community Center 3 Issachar St., Baka 02-673423702-6761396 (Home Number) 02-6718291   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Classes open mornings 8:30 -13:00, evenings 16:00-18:00. Intensive & non-intensive classes on all levels. New classes open based on registration. Contact: Sarah Maizel.
Tikvatenu5 rechov HaMem Gimel Romema 02-538-4493     contact: Yedida Shkolnikovulpan meets in the afternoons only
Mercaz Hachvana 5 Rechov haMem Gimel Romema 02-537-8048     Etgar and physicianscontact: Chaya Avraham
Neve Ya’acov Community Center 38A Sd. Neveh Ya’akov 02 583 3652 02-6566330   Open to olim over 50. Ulpan Director: Yedidya Shkolnik. Contact Yedidya Mon & Tues. between 9:00 and 13:00 or Thurs between 17:00 and 20:00. To register, you must bring your Teudat Oleh.
Neve Ya’acov Matnas Morasha 02-5834473054 433 1257     Contact: Valla Mordavansky. Classes open based on registration. Beginners classes available, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30pm – 12:30pm. Ulpan runs for 10 months.
Pisgat Ze’ev Community Center, Hashisha Asar 2 02-5831456 02-5857068   Not recognized by the Ministry of Absorption. Ulpan for children in 1st through 11th grades. Klita Coordinator: For registration, Varda Eitan is available Tues. 19:00 – 22:00 only. Ulpan Director: Yedidya Shkolnik. To register, you must bring your Teudat Oleh.
Ulpan Beit Shemesh POB 262, Beit Shemesh 99000 02-9914995 02-9914995   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Classes for Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh residents based on registration. Sun – Thurs, 8:15 – 12:45 or 17:00 – 20:00. Director: Chava Shachar. Classes open based on registration.
Avi Perez’s Conversational Hebrew Lessons 02 9990716 Ask for Avi     Private ulpan, not recognized by Misrad Haklita. Cost: individuals 60 NIS per lesson; groups (up to 5 people) 50 NIS per lesson. Classes run for 1 hour. Offers a constructive and caring environment to develop and nurture conversational Hebrew skills. Official Location: Nahal Maor, Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph. Prepared to go to Bet Shemesh, Raanana and Modiin. Email nilicounseling@012.net.il.
Ma’ale Adumim Center for Adult Education 02-541-8848Department of Education 02-5353446   Open to senior citizens only. Contact: Zehava Shavit. Classes meet three times a week.
Ma’ale Adumim 02-5418848     Ma’ale Adumim sends students to ulpanim in Jerusalem. Contact: Luba, who can be reached on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
Gush Etzion Matnas Alon Shvut 057-7-71871402 993 9969     Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sun – Thurs, 8:00 – 13:00. Contact: Shani Simkovitch or Yair Wolfe, Asst. Head of Moatzah, 993 9933. Classes open based on registration. Semester starts beginning of September.
Kiryat Arba and Alon Shvut – Kiryat Arba Community Center, Alon Shvut 02 996 1666     Contact: Sarah Yitzchak
Modiin Municipality, Klitah Department Trailer Site 052 6220945 08-9727528   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Ulpan Aleph, Bet and Gimmel. Before registering, you must meet with Misrad Haklita, on Wednesdays 9 am – 6 pm, to be referred to a class. To make an appointment for this meeting call Liora at 08-978-9066 between 8:30am – 12:30pm. Evening classes are 3 or 4 times a week 16:30 – 20:00, for Ulpan Bet and Gimmel. Contact: Rosita Berlin, Director; Rita on 08 – 9726198
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Medical Ulpan        
Medical Ulpan is designed for health care professionals including doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists and technicians. To be eligible for the Medical Ulpan, you must have completed Ulpan Aleph, or be on a comparable level. You will be required to take a Hebrew placement test in order to qualify. The Ulpan level varies according to the class; though usually it is at Level Aleph. Misrad Haklita starts a new Medical Ulpan class whenever 10 people register (in the same city). To register: Jerusalem: Contact Arina at 02 621 4555 or 02 621 4614 or by email at arina@moia.gov.il. Raanana: Contact Miriam Shachar at 09 774 4928. Tel Aviv: Contact Yona Sandman of Ulpan Degania at 03 517 0441 (between 8 am and 1 pm) or 03 517 3670 (leave a message and she’ll get back to you).
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Ulpanim in the Central Area        
Address Tel Fax   Comments
TEL AVIV        
Ulpan Chazani 7 Lilenblum St. Tel Aviv 03 517 0441     Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Medical Ulpan opens in September and at regular intervals throughout the year. Regular Ulpan is also available, at different Hebrew levels. Classes are 8:15 – 12:00 daily. Also have options to study 3 times a week instead of daily. Director: Yona Peretz.
Municipal Ulpan Office Iriyat Tel Aviv, Kikar Malchei Yisrael St. Binyan Ha’iriya, Room 1147 03-5218270 03-5218389   Call for more information about all Tel Aviv Municipal ulpanim.
Misrad Haklita Rechov Esther HaMalka 6 Tel Aviv 03-5209175 03-5209173   Sign up for Ulpanim in the the Tel Aviv area.
Ulpan Gordon 7 La Salle St., Tel Aviv 03-522309503-5223181 03-5242884   Session begins July 3. Classes offered mornings 8:15 – 12:45 or & evenings 17:00 – 20:15, Sunday – Thurs.; Twice a week also available in the evenings from 18:00-20:30 based on registration. Course run 5 months for the morning ulpan and 6 months for the evenings. Principal: Miri Cohen. Olim must bring confirmation from Misrad Haklita.
Ulpan Maale Rechov Hatikva 78 Shikuna Hatikva 03-6879822 03-6397255   Sun -Thurs. Classes offered mornings 8:15-12:45 and evenings 17:00-20:15. Intensive classes. Olim must sign up at Misrad HaKlitah (tel: 03-5270854). Southern Tel-Aviv. Classes open based on registration (minimum 20 participants). Academic studies offered as well (for teachers, doctors, etc.). Building Director: Tina.
Tel Aviv University Ulpan 03-6408639 03-6409582   Tel Aviv University offers 3 intensive ulpanim a year. Summer: A large Ulpan with classes on all levels from complete beginners to very advanced, beginning August 1. January: 4 week Ulpan during the break between semesters at the regular university; levels are much more limited. June/July: 4 week ulpan held during June and July; only for beginners. Ulpanim are open to anyone with a high school diploma.The university has offices abroad in New York and Canada, and Olim can register either through these offices or through the Israel office. Cost: $ 2100 dollar including dorms for the longer sessions and $1830 for 4-week ulpanim. Refer to www.tau.ac.il/overseas or www.telavivuniv.org for application forms. Refer to for application forms, prices and additional information. If you have questions write to: barel@post.tau.ac.il. Contact: Rachel Barel.
Ulpan Achva Beit Seffer Be’eri, Borochov St. 18 Rishon Letzion 03-9662482 (same number for the ulpan of technology) 03-9565864   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sun – Thurs. Classes offered mornings 8:00-13:00 for 5 months or evenings 17:00-20:30 for 6 months. An Ulpan for technology is also offered, which includes computer classes twice a week. Director: (Technology Ulpan and morning Ulpan) Israela Rosenzweig and (evenings) Miri Lezarovitch. Ulpan for Olim is for residents of Rishon Letzion but Technology Ulpan is open to everyone in the center.
Ulpan Ha-oleh Holon 25 Geuluim Holon 03-550-726503 5561523 052 289 4897     Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Classes open monthly. All levels available. Morning classes are offered Sun to Thurs, 8:00-13:00 for 5 months. Evening classes are offered 17:00 – 20:00 for 6 months. Director Amalia Banur. Director: Hadassah Etya.
Ulpan Sharret Yud Lamed Peretz 15 Bat Yam (Corner of Dalia St.) 03-5519959 03-5520072 03-5519877   Sun – Thurs. Classes are offered mornings 8:15 – 12:45 or evenings 17:00 – 20:15. Principal: Chedva Charisky. Classes open based on registration.
Ulpan Klita Office, Ulpan Klita Shavei Shomron, D.N. Tsafona Shomron 44858 09-8841626052-451-9715 09-8621531   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Kita Aleph only. 8:30-13:00, Sun-Thurs. Director: Rivka Bondi. Office hours 17:00 – 19:00 on Wednesdays only. Accommodations available for olim. Students can combine a year of ulpan with university studies. Students ages 18 to 30 with a higher level of Hebrew can attend yeshiva courses in “Yeshivat Shevei Shomron”. Cultural and social gatherings are held. A conversion program is also available (including accommodations).
Ra’anana Municipality Ulpan, 75 Keren Hayesod St. Ra’anana 09-7713161 09-7712917   This Ulpan is expensive. Non-intensive. Morning 9:00-11:30 twice a week, evenings 18.00-20.30 (depending on sign-up). Director: Alon Hazani. All levels of Hebrew taught. Courses include conversational classes and Judaic classes. Includes cultural events, such as Tiyulim. Cost: 1,250 NIS per year. See www.raanana.muni.il or write to mevugarim@raanana.muni.il.
Ulpan Raanana Raanana Mercaz Klita Rechov Hasharon 13, Raanana 09-774-4928 09-7745740 09-7745742 (Matnas) 09-7713171   Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Classes on Sun, Mon, Wed from 8:00 – 13:15, and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 – 11:30. Evenings every day from 17:00 pm for level Aleph, Twice a week for other levels. Secretary: Shani Manno, Director: Miriam Shachar. See www.geocities.com/tali-avidov. Ulpan for medical professionals also available.
KFAR SABA        
Ulpan Ironi 31 Meyiyasdim Kfar Saba 09-767-3660 09-765-3281   They offer both a full time morning program as well as an evening one (5-8:30 p.m. 3 times a week). Recognized by the ministry of education. Aviva Friedman is the director- 052-222-1418. They will not have an August session, and are taking enrollment for September 2006.
Ulpan Mercaz Klita Sapir Moshe Dayan St 30 Kfar Saba 44238 09-7671077 09-7650580   Ulpan for Olim between the ages of 18-35 who live at the Merkaz Klita (450 nis rent). Beginners classes only. Sun – Thurs. 8:00 – 12:30. Principal: Aviva Friedman.
Ulpan Be’eri, Beit Sefer Be’eri Rechov Bar Ilan Netanya 09-8341223     Director: Michael Lifshitz. Mornings 8:00-12:40 or evenings 17:00-20:30. Registration office is located at the Misrad Haklita, 13 Rav Kook St.
Ministry of Absorption Rav Kook 13, Netanya 09-8890300 09-8629435   Director: Motti Cohen. Ulpan Coordinator: Avi Ephraimov. Reception hours: Sun, Mon, Wed, and Thurs, 8am – 1pm and Mon & Wed 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Telephone queries between 1:30-3:30. Call Misrad Haklita for details and registration.
Ramat Poleg Rechov Shulamit (a winding beach road upon which the ulpan is the only thing) Netanya 09-8352312/3/409-8350325 09-865291909-8652919   Not recognized by Ministry of Absorption. Principal: Esther Person. Web site: http// www.ulpan-akiva.org.il. Evening classes on Mon and Wed 18:15 -21:30 beginning in September. Morning classes Sun – Thurs 8:00-13:00, Friday 8:00 – 10:30. For summer 2005, semesters opening on July 18, August 13 and September 5. Different afternoon activities are available. Ulpan Noar (for olim teens) through Ulpan Akiva in the Summers only. Ulpan Family- for entire family Classes offered on all levels. To coordinate partial funding by misrad haklita, contact Mr. Yossi A’rari.
Ulpan Akiva, POB 6086 Netanya 42160        
Chadera Merkaz Klita Bet Eliezer 04-620-7925054-5-584-978     Currently closed. Contact: Michal Brondi for more information or other options in the area. In general, central Ulpan for olim from the area, including Zichron Ya’acov, Or Akiva, Binyamina and Pardes Chana. Mornings 8:00-12:30, 5 times a week or evenings 17:15-20:30, 4 times a week. Classes open upon demand providing there are at least 15-25 participants. Write to b_michel@walla.co.il or etyr@zahav.net.il.
Rechovot Register through the Ministry of Absorption at 08-937-8000 or call Galya: 08-9459365. Mornings 8:00-12:45, Evenings 17:00-21:00 08-9390256 Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Director: Galya. There are several ulpanim in Rechovot, all coordinated through the Rakezet Ulpanim at the Ministry of Absorption. The most popular ulpan is in Beit Hatarbut, 11 Habanim St., Phone: 08-9452413.
Address Tel #   Fax # Comments
Beit Erdstein Rechov Yud Lamed Peretz 20 Haifa 33041 04-8625840054-466-6637   04-8625810 Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Director: Ilana Mor. Contacts: Marina/Eti. Opens upon demand providing there are at least 25 participants. Mornings: 8:00-12:30 for 5 months. Evenings: 17:00-20:15 for 6 months. English classes available for English speakers in groups.
Ulpan Bet Aba Hushi Rechov Hamaginim 131 Haifa 04- 8567602   04-8567647 Contact: Orly Zukerman. Email: orlyz@jazo.org.il.
Ulpan Rambam Rechov HaTichon 39 Neve Sha’anan 050-2200755 Mika   04-9888581 Contact: Mika Okavi. You can also register through Sara at 04-8226517.
Ministry of Absorption Haifa Regional Ulpanim 7 Palyam St. Binyan Zim 04-8631111/117   04-8681337 Contact: Janna. First floor. Thursdays 08:00-13:00. Call Misrad Haklita for details and registration.
University of Haifa Department of Overseas Studies, Mount Carmel University of Haifa 04-8240766 052-866-6406     Ulpan costs $800 plus registration fee for Intensive Ulpan; $700 for Non-Intensive. Contact: Lisa Kama, Director of Admissions. For 2007, Intensive Hebrew Ulpan August 5 – August 30; Fall semester Ulpan October 14 – January 3. For 2008, Intensive Winter Ulpan January 27 – February 21; Spring semester Ulpan February 24 – June 5. Intensive ulpan classes held on Sun – Thurs, 5 hours per day. Non-Intensive 4 days a week, 2 hours in the morning. Write to: info@mail.uhaifa.org or see www.uhaifa.org. Offer all levels of Hebrew, from elementary to advanced.
KRAYOT & AKKO        
Ministry of Absorption 7 Hamiasdim Kiryat Bialik 04-8807400   04-8742957 Contact: Tzvia Sekel. Call Misrad Haklita for details and registration.
Ministry of Absorption Afula 04 6098300     Contact: Yosef or Beatrice. Directs olim to Ulpanim in the area of Afula, Rechov Shchunat HaOvdim.
WIZO Rechov Omer, Shikun Ovdim Afula 04-6591325052-236-9794   04-6597477 Contact: Zvira. Ulpan opens upon demand providing there are at least 15-20 participants. Classes run Sun- Thurs, 5 hours a day, 25 hours a week for 5 months. All classes open based on registration.
Nahariya Ministry of Absorption, Rosh Hanikra Rd. 04-992687604-9927618 054-453-0817.   04-9922303 Contact: Carmella Rosenson or Michaela Morning hours:. 8:00-12:30. Opens upon demand providing there are at least 15 participants.
Ulpan Carmiel Merkaz Klita Carmiel Sderot Nesiel Israel 3, Carmiel 04-9088296052 392 7041   04-9985533 Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Sunday – Thursday 8:00-12:30, 5 days a week. Opens based on demand.
Tiberias Absorption Center Rechov HaShomer 47 04-672204804-6792041 04-6724483   06-6724058 Contact: Leah Beitner. Olim Le’tiveria” program For young Olim. Contact: Smadar Perach. Sun –Thur, 8.00-12.30. Classes open based on registration.
Kiryat HaNoar Eshkol Aleph 04-6941680   04-6950780 Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Director: Dani Levi. Local Central Ulpan for olim from Chazor, Rosh Pina and Tzfat,etc. Mornings 8:00-13:00 5 days a week. Opens based on demand.
Community Center Maalei Habanim 302, Maalot 04-9974048 04-9973004   Contact: Chana Kedar, during morning hours only. Classes are offered mornings, Monday and Wednesday 10:00 am – 13:15. Ulpan Aleph is also available in the evenings 17.00- 20:15, 2 days a week. Classes Bet + Gimmel are available for a price based on registration. Next semester will probably begin in in October. Write to: matnas@maltar.co.il. Cost: 80 shekels per month. Ulpan is geared towards Olim who have been in Israel for a while, and are more advanced in their knowledge and understanding of Hebrew. If there are not enough students, olim attend ulpan in Nahariya.
Ministry of Absorption HaMelecha St. 52 Binyan Lev Hasachim 04-6025300/04   06-6564019 Contact: Mya Merna or Ora. Regional ulpan which accepts olim from places including Migdal HaEmek, Zfat and Afula. For details see www.moia.gov.il. Classes open based on registration.
Kibbutz Sdeh Eliyahu 054 5640685     Ulpan costs 300 NIS. Kibbutz ulpan program. Contact Tchiya Tamari, Ulpan director, or see: www.seliyahu.org.il
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Address Tel #   Fax # Comments
Misrad Haklitah 20 Ben Gurion Blvd. Ashkelon 08 679 0777   08-6753143 Contact: Sima Fruvovitz. Directs Olim in Ashkelon to Ulpanim available in the area (mostly level Aleph) based on registration. Call to get a referral.
Mercaz Klita Beit Canada Barnea, Bar Kochba 209, Ashkelon 08-6730153   08-6738633 Director: Nissim. Morning hours 8:00-13:00, Sun- Thurs Opens upon demand providing there are at least 20 participants. Those who live in the Misrad Haklita can register.
Ulpan Kalanit Merkaz Klita Kalanit 307 Berger St., Ashkelon 78211 08-673737308-6736317   08-6736317 Contact: Avi Kadosh. Academic ulpan (pre-university course). See www.mkw.jafe.org.il or write to mkcalanit@jazo.org.il. All levels of Hebrew study. Open to academic students only. 1st semester: Sept – March; 2nd semester March – August. Morning hours 8:00-13:00, Sun – Thurs.
Ulpan Mercazit Rechov Atzma’ut 54 08-8559882   08-8665474 Free Ulpan for beginning students; tuition is charged for more advanced students. Beginner’s class begins almost monthly. The course continues for 5 months. Principal: Zahava Segal. Mornings 8:00-13:00 and evenings 17:30-20:45. Classes start frequently.
Ulpan Division of Ashdod Municipality. 08-8545394      
BEER SHEVA        
Mercaz Klitah Ye’elim Rechov Ye’elim 3, Beer Sheva 08-6414955   08-6439756 Contact: Director Edna Lev or assistant Ravit Berry. Olim must get referral from Misrad Haklita. Ulpan Aleph is 5 months (500 hours) from the time the class is opened, ends with a test. 5 days a week, Sunday – Thursday, 8:15 – 12:45. Classes open based on registration and groups are welcome to register for their own ulpanim. For academics only, meaning those who have learned in University abroad. Other people should refer to Ulpan Altshul (see below).
Ulpan Altshul 11 Rechov Yitzchak Sadeh Beer Sheva 08-6654375   08-6654375 Recognized by Misrad Haklita. Contact: Shuli. Mornings 8:15-12:45, Evenings 16:00-20:00. Beginning level classes. High level classes are available in the evenings from 17.00-19.30. Opens upon demand providing there are at least 25 participants. An alternative for non-Academics.
Kibbutz Yotvata D.N. Chevel Eilat 88820 08-6357303 08-6357400   Director: Ofra Gal. Two mornings a week participants work on the kibbutz, 3 mornings a week participants study in ulpan from 7:15-12:30. Twice a week evening classes take place from 17:00-19:30.
Ulpan Taka is a program for students who completed Ulpan and want to attend an Israeli university. The program includes 20 hours a week of Ulpan, preparation for the psychometric exams, English lessons (only for those who don’t speak fluent English), mathematics, etc. In Jerusalem, the program is hosted by Michlelet Hadassah (on Neviim St.). The program last 5 months. To be accepted to the program, speak to Minhal Hastudentim (the Student Authority) at 15 Hillel St., second floor or phone 621-4538 or 621-4543.
Mercaz Rav Sherutim Le’ivrim       Mercaz Rav Sherutim Le’ivrim
Agra St.28       Binyan Sha’arei Ha’ir
Tel Aviv 66024       Rechov Yaffo 216
Tel: 03-6870798       Jerusalem
Fax: 036391033       Tel: 02- 5388955
        Fax: 02- 5003942
Beit Helen Keller, Israel Deaf Association       Beit Helen Keller, Israel Deaf Association
Shderot yad Lebanim 13       Rechov Mevo Hamatmid 12
Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv       Jerusalem
Tel: 03-7303355       Tel: 02-6234391
Fax: 03-6310940       Fax: 02- 6258499