Charlotte Korchak

Charlotte Korchak is the International Senior Educator at
StandWithUs, where she educates and trains students from
around the world in Israeli history, activism, and combatting
antisemitism. Charlotte grew up in both the United States
and Israel, spending her formative years living in Jerusalem
during the second intifada, giving her both an internal and
external perspective on Israel and the conflict.
She graduated with a BA in Middle Eastern History from the University of Southern California, where she also took part in the StandWithUs Emerson Fellowship. Charlotte has since been working for StandWithUs and in her current role as
International Senior Educator, she works with over 50,000 students a year from nearly every continent educating them about Israel and training them to be effective activists in their high schools, universities, and communities worldwide. She has quickly become one of the foremost public speakers in her field.

Presentation Topics:
Understanding the History of Israel’s Conflicts
This fast-paced presentation covers all the basics about the different conflicts facing Israel. We will go over the conflicts and their origins, focusing on root causes, major turning points, and ideological themes. As we trace the historical events and facts from ancient history to modern times, we will see how, why, and when tensions began, and the way in which these conflicts have evolved over time. This presentation should serve as a great foundation upon which you develop your understanding of Israel’s complex reality.
The Fundamentals of Israel Activism
Want to understand the nuts and bolts of Israel activism and education? This presentation covers all the core information one needs to have a productive conversation about Israel with their peers. Together we will learn how to tell Israel’s story and who our target audience is, identifying anti-Zionism and combatting their core claims, and the way in which antisemitism manifests today. This is a must-see presentation for anyone who wants to be a more effective
activists for Israel.
Concepts and Misconceptions about Israel, Zionism, and Jews
This practical presentation discusses core concepts and misconceptions regarding Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people, and provides the audience with the tools needed to explain these topics to those less informed. Moreover, we will also tackle the core claims made against Israel’s right to exist, providing the necessary knowledge and skills to challenge those arguments, and ultimately show how these expressions of Anti-Zionism are in fact antisemitism.
Dueling Narratives
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is deeply rooted in the narratives of each party involved. This presentation will attempt to share the competing narratives, show the major differences in how each side views the history and current events, and highlight the divide that needs to be bridged to achieve a lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Becoming an Activist/Educator* in the Shadow of Terror
Charlotte Korchak, born in Los Angeles, moved to Israel with her family in the year 1997. At the time, the situation in Israel was relatively calm, but that all changed in September of 2000.
Charlotte had just turned 13 and her world turned upside down as she found herself living amid the worst terror wave in Israel’s history. Two years of constant violence, the loss of friends to terrorism, and a near-miss, left Charlotte with mild PTSD and hate in her heart. This talk will take you on her journey from hate and confusion to believing in peace and achieving clarity through educating herself and others.
*Organizer should choose either “activist” or “educator” based on the audience and program
Diving Deeper into the West Bank: History, Legality, and Policy
The West Bank/Judea & Samaria is one of the most disputed territories in the world today. In this informational presentation we will examine control over the territory and how it has changed in the last 100 years, resolutions and agreements that were passed or signed, settlement communities and the controversies surrounding them, possible solutions and proposed compromises. This is a fact-based and content driven presentation that does not push any one political agenda but allows the participants to decide for themselves how they feel about this complex and disputed area.
Grill the Expert – Answering Tough Questions about Israel
Students on campus are consistently challenged with questions about Israel and often they struggle to respond. This practical workshop will allow the audience to ask the most difficult questions they have faced and receive answers rooted in the facts, as well be given the tools to respond effectively to the different audiences they may encounter. Topics that are covered usually include the claim of stolen land, Apartheid, occupation, settlements, roots of the conflict,
and many others.
Antisemitism Then and Now
Understanding antisemitism and how it has manifested throughout history is no easy task. In this presentation we will explore the current definition of antisemitism, how it has been expressed historically, and how it presents itself today. Specifically discussing the way in which anti-Zionism can be a form of antisemitism, and how scapegoating has been a core feature of this hatred from time immemorial.
Presentations on Other Topics
Charlotte is comfortable speaking on most Israel related topics. If the event organizer has a specific topic in mind that is not listed above, Charlotte will create a program tailor-made for the specific event. Charlotte will need to know the Israel education level of the audience to prepare
the program.
Links to Videos of Charlotte Speaking:
Understanding the History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Concepts & Misconceptions on Israel, Zionism, and Jews
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Cellphone Number: +972-54-619-6665


Israel 101

Is Palestinian nationalism just a cynical ploy to destroy Israel?

Does the Jewish indigenous claim to Israel help their case?

Did the Jews steal the land from the Palestinians?

Are Israeli settlements illegal and damaging to peace prospects?

Concepts and misconceptions regarding Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people.

Is the onus on the Palestinians to compromise?

Understanding the History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict