Poland Trip Testimonials

Hi! My name is Dalia Lieberman I am from Long Island, New York. I am a Lehigh University student studying psychology, health medicine, and society. I love to travel, try new foods, and connect with new people! It’s been very difficult for me to put into words the impact that the Poland trip left on me. A place that changed my life but also a place I will never return to again. It gave me a whole new perspective, taught me new things about myself, and brought me closer to people I have never met before in such a short amount of time. As a Jewish individual, I knew this trip was going to be important and it was something that I had to do for myself and for all the innocent people who lost their lives because of it.  This trip showed that in such horrible circumstances, the Jewish people always show such love for one another. I’ve realized that wherever I am in the world the Jewish people always find a way to connect and come together unified with such acceptance towards one another.  I don’t know how to describe it but going on this Poland trip and meeting such inspiring and incredible people from all over the world gave me this indescribable feeling I am forever impacted by. I quite literally walked in the footsteps of my ancestors who were murdered in the Holocaust, all of my senses were activated through this experience as I was going through the most heart-wrenching experience of my life. Lives were ended for the sole purpose of being Jewish, this was an experience I will never forget and we must never forget. It’s still an experience I can’t comprehend and I’m still processing it which I probably will always be. I  am so incredibly grateful for this experience as I will live each day with such pride for being Jewish and hold onto the strength of those who so innocently lost their lives.

Katey Goldman Wisconsin/IES Barcelona and Shaylee Roth

Matt Epstein -Cornell/IES Barcelona

Shaylee Roth