Support Our IDF Heroes: A Tribute to David Artman's Legacy and Kosher Smoking

Welcome to our fundraising initiative, inspired by Kosher Smoking and the remarkable life and enduring spirit of David Artman Z”L. David, the founder of our cherished Kosher Smoking community, was a man of extraordinary passion, both in the culinary world and beyond. His love for his family, bringing Jews together, combined with his adventurous spirit and commitment to helping others, has left an indelible mark on us all.
He was a man who built more than just fires for smoking; he built communities, friendships, and bridges between cultures through his love for food. David’s journey was enriched by his loving wife, Lori, whose unwavering support and strength were the cornerstones of his endeavors. Their legacy continues through their three sons, Greg, Beryl, and Sam, each embodying their father’s adventurous spirit and commitment to community.

As we remember David’s resilience, positivity, and impact on our lives, we are reminded of the strength and courage our soldiers display every day. His eldest son, Greg, served with pride in the Golani Brigade, and we have many friends and family members who are currently serving or have served in the IDF.

How You Can Make a Difference

In honor of David and in recognition of the sacrifices made by our soldiers, we are committed to raising $25,000 to meet the needs of those on the frontlines. These funds will directly feed soldiers through BBQs and more to provide essential support, comfort, and a touch of home to the brave men and women who serve in the IDF, ensuring they feel the strength and warmth of the community behind them.
Your donation to this cause is more than just a contribution; it’s a reflection of our shared values and an investment in the well-being of those who protect us. Whether you can give a little or a lot, every dollar counts and is deeply appreciated. Plus, with tax-deductible donations and potential employer matching for 501(c)(3) contributions, your impact can be even greater.

Join Us in Person
For our friends and supporters in Israel, we invite you to join us at one of our upcoming BBQ events or to volunteer your time. These gatherings are a beautiful way to honor and connect with the community, show our support for the IDF, and contribute toward David’s memory in a very personal and meaningful way.

Together, We Honor Our Soldiers
In creating this fundraiser, we not only support a cause close to David’s heart but also celebrate the incredible community he built. This is our opportunity to carry forward his legacy of generosity, connection, and love for the culinary arts. This fundraiser is more than a campaign; it’s a continuation of David’s journey, supported by Lori, Greg, Beryl, and Sam, and a celebration of the community he loved.

As we look forward to making this event a landmark of our support and commitment, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Jeff Seidel, who’s personal mission to help every soldier and has been helping college students since 1984 with his kiruv foundation, helps us reach the soldiers. Our goal date for the fundraiser is Purim 2024, with the BBQ to be held around April 3. Participate in this mitzvah with us by donating now or come in person!

Thank you for joining us in this special tribute to our soldiers. To donate, please click the ‘Donate Now’ button. Your support will help us reach our goal of $25,000, providing much-needed aid and a message of solidarity to our soldiers. Thank you for your generosity, your spirit of community, and your commitment to making a difference. Together, let’s reach our goal and make a tangible difference in the lives of those who stand on the frontlines, protecting the values and freedoms we hold dear.

With gratitude and hope,

Kosher Smoking
The Artman Family
The Porter Family

Donation-Kosher Smoking

Donation-Kosher Smoking