Batsheva Adamit
Director of Events/Women's Programming

Whatsapp: +972-54-993-0490

Born and raised in South Florida, Batsheva made Aliya in 2003 and currently lives with her husband and 3 children in Israel.
She received her BA from Bar Ilan University in Bible Studies and Jewish History and is currently working on her MA in Bible Studies. Batsheva has worked for Jeff Seidel since 2011, where she began running the Beersheva branch but has since transferred over to Jeff’s Hebrew University student center where she runs events for the international students. She admires the work that Jeff Seidel has been doing for many decades and feels grateful to be a part of such an incredible program. 


Another Asher David Milstein Initiative

14 Lechi St. French Hill Jerusalem

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Ari & Avigail Nathan
Director of Events

Whatsapp: +972-54-775-3982

Ari is a director at Jeff Seidel’s Student Center by Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

A native Israeli, born in Jerusalem, Ari’s mission is to share with students from around the world the love for Judaism and Israel. As someone with parents from Chicago and LA living in Israel Ari grew up in a diverse and multicultural home.  

Ari finished high school in Denver, Colorado and got his bachelor’s degree in Talmudic Law at YTC Denver. He moved back to Israel, and currently lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 3 children.

Jeff Seidel Student Center
14 Lechi St, Jerusalem

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