International Student Advisory Board

The mission of the International Student Advisory Board is to promote global awareness and understanding of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust by organizing yearly trips to Poland to visit concentration camps.

As an international organization catering to students from around the world, our goal is to educate and inspire the next generation to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination in all its forms. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment that fosters learning, empathy, and respect for all cultures and backgrounds. As a subsidiary of the Jewish Student Information Center of Israel, we are dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring that its lessons are never forgotten. Through our work, we aim to empower young leaders to become advocates for social justice and to promote a world where all people can live free from persecution and oppression.

Dalia Lieberman, originally from Long Island, NY is currently majoring in psychology, with a minor in health, medicine, and society at Lehigh University. She is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. On her semester abroad at the IES Barcelona International Program, she met Jeff and attended his Spring 2023 Poland Mission.

Katey Goldman, originally from Deerfield, Illinois, currently attends Wisconsin University. After becoming a Sinai Scholar at her university Chabad, she was inspired to attend the Jeff Seidel Spring 2023 Poland Mission while on her junior semester abroad at the IES Barcelona program.

Shaylee Roth, originally from Highland Park, Illinois and currently attends Wisconsin University. During her junior year semester abroad she participated in the Jeff Seidel Spring 2023 Poland Mission.

Rebecca Radis, originally from Deerfield, Illinois, currently attends Indiana University. After spending a summer internship on Onward Israel in Tel Aviv where she met Jeff, she was inspired to participate in our Spring 2023 Poland Mission while spending her junior year abroad semester in the Barcelona/IES International program.