An Asher David Milstein Initiative

An Asher David Milstein Initiative

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Mission Statement

Jeff Seidel’s University Student Centers in Israel’s mission is to bring Jews worldwide of all ages and levels of affiliation closer to a love of Judaism and Israel so they can be active contributors to their Jewish Community.

Student Trips

Throughout the academic year, we offer a variety of recreational and educational student trips including Shabbatons to Tzfat, weekend in Prague or Italy and Student Mission to Poland.

Shabbat Home Hospitality

Our world-renowned Shabbat home-hospitality program attracts students and travelers from around the world to the Kotel every Friday night and Jewish Holiday to be placed at warm and welcoming families to experience an authentic Shabbat/Holiday experience.

Distributing Prayer Books

We are an independent organization that distributes English Artscroll prayer books and other Jewish books as a service to students from various organizations such as Masa, Olami, etc… 

Student Programs

Our Student Centers offer a variety of programs and services to students and travelers to Israel including laundry services, computers rooms, weekly lectures and programs.

Social Media/Blogs

Follow us on social media with our weekly articles and blogs being published in the Times of Israel, Jews News and many of sites. Our facebook group Worldwide Jewish Network already has over 26,000 members!

Max Steinberg Program

The Max Steinberg Israel Diplomacy Program”, launched in August 2015, is an Israel advocacy program giving students the tools to combat BDS, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups upon their return to their home Universities.

Jeff Seidel Student Centers has impacted students from over 64 countries.

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