November 29th

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is dedicated to charitable giving.

“Giving Tuesday” is a unique opportunity for alumni to give back to charitable organizations. Also for our annual donors, it’s a unique way to continue their support.

Once again, I’m excited that we have a generous donor, from now until November 29th, doubling your donation to allow us to provide programming for the students attending Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Reichman University (formerly IDC in Herzliya), Young Judea, Aardvark, and our “Scholarship to Israel” program.

We hope you’ll join us on November 29th in “Giving Tuesday” as we aim to reach our goal of $36,000 (2 times Chai- Life) to benefit our Jewish Student Info Centers.

Every donation to Jeff Seidel’s Student Centers for our “Giving Tuesday” campaign no matter how small will allow us to conduct programming that will empower students as Jewish ambassadors for the future.

If you want to donate before “Giving Tuesday” your donation will be doubled.

Kind Regards,
Jeff Seidel

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