We are happy to set you up for a Shabbat meal.

You are committing to a shabbat meal, and a family is preparing for you to be there. if you cancel after booking a shabbat meal, you will not be eligible to use our service.

You are only able to Sign up for the week that you need the meal.


Very often families only let us know later in the week if they are hosting, so please be patient, everyone will be taken care of.

Please Note:

If you filled out the form and you have not been contacted by Friday at 11AM (or you filled out the form after Thursday) please call or whatsapp Jeff @ +972 52-286-7795

Shabbat Application


IMPORTANT! We receive  a lot of requests, so once we respond to your application, you must reply to our emails within 12 hours or you will lose your spot.

For a faster response, send Jeff a Whatsapp message letting him know that you just applied:Whatsapp Icon+972 52-286-7795Whatsapp Icon

Get Shabbat - Application
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