Tour Guides

Name Organization Job Phone Email Website Other Info
Adam Bodenstein Licensed Tour Guide 050-441-5512
Alex Minkin Licensed Tour Guide 052-511-3378
Aline Szewkies multilang 052-702-7085
Allan Younger 054-425-6620 ypungertours@gmail.cim
Ari Singer Licensed Tour Guide and professional driver 054-228-1569
Ariel Pulver Tour Guide 052-829-3889
Asher Altshul Licensed Tour Guide 052-232-3219
Asher Drimmer Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 054-791-5544
Avi Abrams 054-354-6770
Avi Margolin mayanot Tour guide 052-450-8648
Ayala Agazan Tour guide 052-641-6915
Barnea Selavan Tour Guide 050-752-6888
Batsheva Miller Birthright Tour Guide for Israel 054-592-5253
Daniel Gutman Tour Guide 050-450-0658
David Solomon Tour Guide 050-582-8270
Dmitry Gohshtet Professional Tour Guide 054-550-7175
Dovid Cubac Licensed Tour Guide 052-741-1436
Duby Nevo Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 050-828-9545
Elad Tzur 050-900;0235
Eli Nissim Birthright 052-334-8142
Gadi Dahan Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 052-385-4740
Gedaliah Goldstein Licensed Tour Guide 052-686-2267
Gili Houpt 052-574-3181
Hadas Karmon Licensed Tour Guide 054-216-8182
Henry Maaravi Licensed Tour Guide 050-755-9749
Irad Fenichel Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 052-276-5767
Itay Rotem Birthright 054-794-4480
Jerry Glicksman Tour Organizer, IsraelAdventours 054-217-0993
Lior Laufer Birthright 054-494-2367
Maayan Boiarski Tour Guide 052-560-5055
Menashe Brysgal Licensed Tour Guide 054-844-4001
Michael Hirst Licensed Tour Guide 054-571-7105
Michelle Baruch Israel Water Tours 0524801565
Michelle Baruch, CEO Tour Guide and Itinerary Planner 052-480-1565

Moshe Meyers Tour guide 052-647-8474
Natanel Cahn Tours of Jerusalem 050-650-6653
Nava Rosenbloom Licensed Tour Guide 054-229-7763
Nir Boneh outdoor acts. 052-457-8275
Osnat Alef 054-582-2625
Paul Manor 050-621-4102,
Philip Alexander Tour Guide 050-796-0652
Rabbi Eitan Levy Tour Guide & Driver IL: 0509807602, us: 9174750208
Rami Reuveni Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 050-655-9112
Ron Edelheit
Ronen Gurievsky Tour Guide 052-520-9706
Shalom Pollack Tour Guide 052-235-2724
Shlomo Nash Nashielski Jerusalem Tour Guide 052-803-9798
Shraga Solomon Licensed Tour Guide 054-498-9789
Sruli Jacobsohn Licensed Tour Guide and Tour Coordinator 052-658-8630
Susan Lebetkin 054-617-6806
Tzvi Goldwag Tour Guide 054-534-0435
Yariv Yron 052-392-4543
Yishay Avital Tour Guide 050-565-1005
Yishay Avital Licensed Tour Guide 054-565-1005
Yonatan Weiss 050-9469-7193
Yoram Fuchs Birthright Licensed Tour Guide 054-234-0509

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