Note: Only students studying abroad at Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University are eligible for this program.

Dollars for Learning Program

Students can earn up to $300 a semester through attending our engaging programs! 

There are 3 separate tracks at $100 each. Students may sign up for any or all of the tracks. Each track is explained in detail below. 

Students in the Dollars for Learning track are eligible for a stipend by participating in a one-on-one (or small group) Jewish learning session with a staff member or tutor once a week for an hour, and attending a class once a month at a seminary or Jewish learning institution.

The Jewish Experience stipend is composed of two parts: education and Shabbat experiences. Educational programs will be offered on a weekly basis. We will organize educational programming for female students every Wednesday night, as well as learning nights for male students. These programs will offer students the opportunity to explore their Jewish roots, history and identity.

In addition, students in the Jewish Experience track will participate in one Shabbat meal per month, either at the Student Center, or at a host family organized by our staff. Shabbat meals will take place either on Friday night, or Shabbat (Saturday) lunch.

The Public Diplomacy track offers students the opportunity to earn a stipend by attending each Sunday night event at the Student Center through the course of the semester. The program will consist of an enlightening and educational Israel Advocacy speaker/workshop.

Notes About Stipend Eligibility

Applications for any of the three tracks must be filled out and signed before starting the stipend program. Even if students retroactively qualify for one of the tracks, he/she will not receive the stipend if an application was not filled out.

Students must fill out an attendance sheet at each event, and any event missed will result in a deduction. Please note that staff will not chase students to ensure that requirements are fulfilled; this is the student’s responsibility.

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Dollars for Learning
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* For More Info on the Dollars for Learning Program, please call: 054 818 7740