Ezra Amichai – Jerusalem 054 596 9598 RebEzra@yahoo.com

Rabbi Ezra Amichai is the Founder & Director of the Jerusalem Soul Center. He also works for the Jeff Seidel Student Center and is currently teaching a Judaism & Spirituality class at the Career Israel program in Tel Aviv. It is a class dedicated to giving students a deeper knowledge and understanding of the relevance of Judaism in their lives and its relation to our lives here in the modern Land of Israel. Topics include Understanding Prayer, Tradition & Modernity, the relevance of Judaism in our lives, Jewish meditation, and Torah & Zionism. The class takes place every Wednesday night from 7-830PM.
Mazal tov!

Special thanks to Reb Ezra from the Jerusalem Soul Center for hosting the simcha
during the Rosh Chodesh minyan and to Jeff Seidel for co-sponsoring the bar
mitzvah seudah at holy bagel

kol hakavod to everyone of you for making this milestone in chris’ life
eternally memorable!

may we continue to go from strength to strength

chodesh tov