Becca R – BGU 2013 – ITF

Thank you so much for everything you have given me in Be’er Sheva this year. You have made judaism so much more accessible to me this year through your weekly programs, Shabbat Dinners and even extra field trips to introduce to us the land of Israel and the history that accompanies it. I am also grateful for all that Batsheva and Danielle teach us. They made learning about judaism fun and interesting. I went to hebrew school for many years and never wanted to be associated with Judaism However, through this program I have learned the much more than I have ever learned that now I am glad to say that extremely proud to be Jewish. Thank you… Lastly I am extremely grateful for allowing Batsheva to teach me an additional day weekly, I am so lucky to be able to spend time with someone who cares about me and she has helped make my israel experience incredible. She is now the reason why I love Israel.. Thank you!

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