Forever Grateful!

The first experience I had with Jeff Seidel, was at the kotel this past summer. My friend and I had planned on davening at the wall and heading back to his place to eat a makeshift shabbat meal consisting of cheap cold cuts and chummus. After we were done praying, we heard a commotion going on outside of the wall. We decided to check it out. As we walked closer we heard several families yelling at groups of students leaving the kotel. Once I heard what they were shouting about I got the chills… These families (organized by the one and only Jeff Seidel) were fighting over who was going to join them for a shabbos meal. As I walked closer, a family approached my friend and Me and asked if we wanted to join them for shabbos. We looked at eachother…thought of the cheap cold cuts and kindly responded “why not!” This experience will forever resonate with me, and reminded me how strong the jewish nation of israel is today. Because of passionate, devoted, selfless individuals like Jeff Seidel, college students across the country are becoming more and more connected to judaism. Jeff Seidel’s spark does not only ignite the neshamas of students in his central student center in Jerusalem, but his impact is felt in universities all across israel. When i was studying abroad at Tel Aviv university, Jeff made sure I always had somewhere for shabbat, and constantly held different events to keep the students of my university passionate about Judaism. When I think of the expression _¢_ _ª_©_¬__Ï _Ñ_ª I would be remiss if i didn’t acknowledge the amazing contributions made by people like Jeff Seidel. It is because his hard work, dedication, and passion, that so many young adults are re-connecting to Judaism. I will be forever grateful for his service, and advise all young adults traveling to Israel to visit him and get the same incredible experience that I was blessed to have.” Have a good shabbos!

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