Laura Price – Fall 2014

In addition to having the privilege of meeting Jeff Seidel, that same day, I walked away with my first Siddur. While a Siddur to many who have never opened one is just a “book,” to others, like myself, it’s way my way of now being able to legitimately daven. Never in my life have properly benched, and never in my life have I once said the bedtime Shema. Since receiving my Siddur, these two things have become routine for me. What was once just random text and words to me, are now thanks, appreciation and protection, to and from HaShem. To feel the protection I now feel when I go to sleep, that came from the prayers in the Siddur, and I would never have received my Siddur if I had never met Jeff Seidel. So for Jeff Seidel, I am forever grateful!

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