Anna Shteyler – RAJ Summer 2014

Dear Jeff Seidel, Three years ago I came to Israel to do my pediatrics internship in ALYN Hospital and my religious roommate brought me to your office because she did not know how to answer all my questions about Judaism. Not only did you and Batya personally bring me to Jewish classes at Aish, Hebrew University, and Neve, you introduced us to families to go to on shabbos, you allowed us to stay in a hostel in the old city for Yom Kippur and go to Aish all day, and above all else you also gave me a siddur and a machzor. At that time in my life, I did not realize how meaningful your gesture was, and I did not know if I would ever use it or figure out how to use it. But, it was as if you guys knew me before I did. I am writing this email you to thank you, because three years down the line, I use the siddur almost every day (well the morning prayer part of it). Not only do I use this siddur at home, but I also take it with me because it is transliterated and it is the only kind I know how to use. So I want to thank you, thank Batya, and thank the donor who provided you with the siddurs because you guys really do change lives. I started going to more Jewish classes because I loved what I learned in Israel, I met my Jewish husband by going to these classes, and we are even starting to keep shabbos. I love the memories I have of going to people houses for shabbos in Israel (because all of them were beautiful) and will strive to make my shabboses this nice one day. So again, thank you for caring, taking the time to teach everybody, and really doing wonderful things. Sincerely, Anna Shteyler

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