Sydney Anderson – Tel Aviv U 2013

Hi Batya and Jeff, Jeff, it was nice to see you last week! Here’s what I would like to say… While studying abroad at Tel Aviv University, I heard about Jeff Seidel’s Jewish Student programs. A few friends of mine had been learning about Judaism and I decided to try it out too. I am very glad I decided to do so, as I learned so much more than I expected and experienced Israel a way I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. I suddenly understood why things are done they way they are in Judaism and I know that even today, if I need to ask a question I know where to turn. I am still in contact with the people who taught my classes and friends I met during them. I have since returned to Israel to live and it is very comforting knowing I have this support system. I am very grateful for Jeff Seidel and his programs!! Shavua tov,

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