Hayeem Rudy – Summer 2013

Dear Jeff, I want to thank you for extending a generous hand and an invitation this past Shabbat Evening. You mentioned that oftentimes people fail to express their appreciation for the amount of time and energy you put into finding us travelers meals in a Jewish home, so I want to specifically point out two things that I greatly appreciated. I enjoyed the presence of your family. Being away from home, a traveller like myself tends to miss the family dynamic that exists on a jewish Friday night dinner table. Being able to join in one family dinner with strangers is a beautiful Jewish experience for someone away from home on Shabbat. (it was specifically enjoyable to be able to relate to your daughters over our mutual volunteering at MDA) Secondly I appreciated the atmosphere at the table that encouraged me to laugh and discuss and sing. It was refreshing to feel like I could represent myself in a crowd of relative strangers. The inviting people around table were responsible for that. I wish you and your family the best. Best Regards

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