Melissa McCormack – BGU Spring 2013

Dear Mr. Jeff Seidel (and Batsheva!), I have really enjoyed attending the Monday night program, going on the Poland trip, and studying with Batsheva. All of your wonderful programs have given me the opportunity to learn more about Judaism than I ever thought I would know and I have really enjoyed learning. Every Monday I looked forward to learning about a new topic. I loved learning all about Jewish holidays, their meanings and customs. I also had the opportunity to travel to Poland, an opportunity I don‰Ûªt think I would have ever had in my life if not for the Jeff Seidel Program. I am really grateful I had this experience. The most memorable experiences I have had were with studying Torah with Batsheva. I had never had any experience before and knew very little, and I have learned so much from her. I always looked forward to studying with Batsheva and always left each session excited and ready to learn more. I know for sure that she has opened up an entire world to me and will definitely continue to keep learning more. Thank you for all the great opportunities.

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