Julia Drogen – BGU Spring 2013

To Batsheva and Rakefet, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for running and how you ran the Jeff Seidel program. You guys took Judaism, something I was not in touch with at all, and brought it to me and others in a meaningful modern way. Your activities and talks were enthusiastic, interactive and allowed us to reflect on our lives and where Judaism can and should fit into it. Our group felt intimate and warm because you made it that way. People of all backgrounds felt welcome to ask questions and dig deeper. I can 100 percent say that because of your program I believe more in G-d, my place in the Jewish world and as a Jewish woman. I appreciate you guys teaching us how to bake Challa, explaining each and every Jewish holiday and how we could celebrate it in a meaningful way and giving us the tools to continue on our journey as Jewish people. Specifically, I would like to say that hearing some of the speakers you brought in and group shabats were really meaningful. We heard stories from Jews of every kind giving us a wide range of stories, emotions and views for what it means to be ‰ÛÏJewish.‰Û We enjoyed Shabat to to the fullest extent with English services and and lively dinners with you guys! Thank you so much for all your hard work. I think if I had not come to the Jeff Seidel program I would not have decided to make Alyiah, would not have decided it was important to marry another Jew or to even embrace my ‰ÛÏJewishness‰Û and family traditions. I feel much different about all that now and it is thanks to you two. Lots of love,

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