CJ & Ashley – Hebrew U 2011 – University of Toronto

Its been more then 6 years since I first met Jeff Seidel. Arriving in Jerusalem to study at the Hebrew University, I had a very narrow idea of what it was to be an Orthodox Jew in Israel. Growing up in the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement I had always felt a disconnect from the Orthodox. That was until I met Jeff Seidel…Jeff and his family took me in as one of their own, and even though I had no plans of becoming Orthodox or adopting my liberal and progressive ideals, they treated me as a member of the family and provided countless good memories for me. We may have clashed on politics and religion, but we always did so with a good chuckle and a great one-liner or two from Jeff or his lovely wife Peninah. Jeff Seidel is an unconventional guy, and I guess that’s what drew us together. When it comes down to it, Jeff Seidel has big heart and if your lucky enough he will share it with you.

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