Incredible Shabbat Experience

Incredible Shabbat

In 1993, I was a 23 year old volunteering/traveling in Israel and Jeff hooked me up with a wonderful family in the old city for a Shabbat dinner. It was an incredible and memorable experience.

Fast forward to 2017, and I came to Israel for my kids B’nai Mitzvah. I contacted Jeff, so my kids could experience a traditional Shabbat dinner in Jerusalem as I did and once again, he delivered. We had a fabulous time at our host family’s home and I am so grateful to Jeff for his commitment and passion to connect people for Shabbat dinners. It is such a special program that Jeff has created and I don’t know if he realizes what a huge impact he makes on countless people’s lives. Jeff makes the world a better place and I am so glad that I met him all those years ago. Please continue what you’re doing Jeff. You’re a rock star.

-Tami Brauner

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