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Parashat Tetzave

IN THIS WEEK’S PARASHHA, God ORDERS that the children of Israel bring Moses pure oil of crushed olives, to light the continual flame of the menorah in the tabernacle. Subsequently, God tells Moshe that his brother Aharon should be the high priest of the tabernacle (Cohen Gadol), but first they were to meticulously make his […]

Parashat Terumah

In this parashah, God asks the children of Israel to accept donations from any person “generous of heart” for the construction of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. The Torah goes on to relate: “And they shall make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell within them”. But, should not the wisest, most important, wealthy […]

Parashat Yitro

WAW! In this parashah, God promises the children of Israel that they would become His treasured nation by receiving the Torah: “And God called him (Moshe) from the mountain, saying: “Thus… you shall say to the children of Israel: You have observed what I did to the Egyptians. Now therefore, if you will LISTEN to […]

Chanuka Today

closeup photo of green leaves

Chanuka is a festivity that everybody likes. Also there are no restrictions about traveling, working or turning on lights. It’s only fun and party. But are we really celebrating Chanuka the way the Chachamim meant?  Chanuka is the triumph of the light of Torah over the Chochma of the Greeks, that means that Torah is […]