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Bringing more than just Football

In these last few days, American Jews in Israel have been welcoming a little bit of our past lives back into our Aliyah living. Steve Leibowitz (founder of American Football Israel), Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots), and Yonah Mishaan (American Football Israel Trustee) have brought to us “Touchdown in Israel II,” a sequel to their original event of […]

What Israel Can Do for You Post-Birthright?

Since 1999, the educational program bringing young Jews (18-26) from all over the world to discover their heritage and homeland is the well-known Taglit-Birthright. A free 10-day tour of the Jewish state, the student participants either went on to please their parents and grandparents or bragged about to their friends. Today, Taglit-Birthright is just the tip of the iceberg for the adventure that […]

Yom HaZikaron: Reflecting on Jewish Unity

Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism) is officially on the 4th of Iyar (this year on May 1st), though we should be spending a lifetime commemorating. Not that long ago, Jewish people were denied from colleges and prevented from owning a business because of their ethnicity or religion. The promise of […]

Underestimating France Before Yom HaShoah

While the Middle East is a region in undeviating alteration, Europe has experienced this dynamic for millenniums. From the conquest of the Roman Empire to World War II to the recent Brexit Referendum, the European continent, and now their Union (EU), has much more geopolitical adjustment to embrace in the coming future. In the midst of […]