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Report: Major corporations ‘fail to protect’ Jewish employees from rising anti-Semitism

Unilever Canada sign on their head office in Toronto, Canada. Credit: JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock. BY FAYGIE HOLT   (August 12, 2021 / JNS) Despite major corporations investing significant time and funds to address traditional gaps in “diversity, equity and inclusion” policies, many of them—most notably, Google, Unilever and Cigna—have fallen short when it comes to addressing the needs of Jewish employees. […]

Jewish girls booted off plane in Amsterdam, rabbi suspects anti-Semitism

By Tyler O’Neil | Fox News A New York rabbi told Fox News he suspects anti-Semitism after two planes booted a group of Jewish girls, stranding them in Amsterdam on their way home to New York. “I’m not G-d, I don’t know people’s motives, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck,” Yisroel Kahan, […]

Israel: Internship nation

Onward Israel participants with iPads in hand take an interactive ‘Jew Quest’ through Jerusalem’s Old City. (photo credit: Leeor Bronis/Times of Israel)   By: Jeff Seidel In this day and age, getting a high-quality job is difficult. Since “the internship” has become a prerequisite for being in the race for a good job, the competition for finding one that […]

What Israel Can Do for You Post-Birthright

By: Jeff Seidel Since 1999, the educational program bringing young Jews (18-26) from all over the world to discover their heritage and homeland is the well-known Taglit-Birthright. A free 10-day tour of the Jewish state, the student participants either went on to please their parents and grandparents or bragged about to their friends. Today, Taglit-Birthright is just the tip of the iceberg for the […]

The Movement Bringing Islam into the 21st Century

By: Jeff Seidel Earlier this month, the Jeff Seidel Student Center was involved with a student mission to Poland. We visited concentration camps and other sites relating to the Shoah (Holocaust) and the Jewish People. While my goal was to help guide these students through an unimaginable period, I myself learned a great deal. Not so much on the topic of the Shoah, […]

Bringing More Than Just Football

By: Jeff Seidel   In these last few days, American Jews in Israel have been welcoming a little bit of our past lives back into our Aliyah living. Steve Leibowitz (founder of American Football Israel), Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots), and Yonah Mishaan (American Football Israel Trustee) have brought to us “Touchdown in Israel II,” a […]

History Repeats Itself

By: Jeff Seidel Before I wrote this article, I was planning to write about the impact of COVID-19 on Israeli society but due to the global resurgence of anti-Semitism tied to the outbreak, this is what I feel needs to be addressed.  Towards the end of December 2019, the World Health Organization in China was […]

Anti-Israel Times at Kent State

By: Jeff Seidel It is well known that pro-Israel university groups have not been able to get their message across on campus, especially when in a constant battle with the anti-Israel university groups. The main one being Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). SJP’s tactics on campus are well documented by pro-Israel groups like CAMERA, […]

American Jews Still Reeling From Rise In Anti-Semitism After Israel-Hamas Conflict, Survey Shows

By: Jemima McEvoy    Weeks after the end of the deadly fighting between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas leaders, American Jews are more concerned about their safety and say they are witnessing anti-Semitism at a dramatically increased rate, according to the results of an anti-Defamation League survey published Monday.      KEY FACTS The survey […]

‘I am not anti-Semitic,’ says Ben & Jerry’s board chair amid boycott controversy

By BEN SALES JTA — One week after Ben & Jerry’s announced that it would stop selling ice cream in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” the company’s board chair for the first time publicly rejected the suggestion that the move was antisemitic. Meanwhile, the brand’s parent company, Unilever, disavowed the movement to boycott Israel. The disavowal comes […]

Seventy-Five Years After Auschwitz, Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise

By: Walter Reich On January 27, 1945, Soviet troops liberated Auschwitz. The date is now consecrated as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as the world vowed never to allow murderous anti-Semitism to recur. Yet 75 years later, attacking Jews has once again become socially acceptable in many countries—across the left-right ideological spectrum, and among different groups […]

It’s Time to Play Offense in Israel Advocacy

In almost 40 years of introducing thousands of students to Judaism and Israel I’ve learned a few things along the way. Jewish students face new and different challenges than they did in 1982, but some of the same challenges, especially ones dealing with Israel, haven’t changed. Jewish students are attacked and harassed for their support […]