Parashat Eikev

In this parashah, God asks Am Yisrael to follow His precepts so that they do not forget Him, which can happen when they get rich, regardless of the fact that He delivered them from Egypt and protected them in the desert. The Torah also clarifies that our goods can give us the feeling of having obtained them solely by our own merit without Divine intervention. 1) There is a direct relationship between forgetting God and failing to fulfill His precepts; that is, it is not enough to carry God in our hearts, we must interact through the mitzvot to generate that relationship, because even though a son constantly repeats that he loves his father, if he does not do what he asks of him, he will not be showing his love. 2) No matter how much Divine goodness we have witnessed in the past, the challenges and trials of the present can make us forget it. 3) Even though every Rosh Hashana we go to the synagogue for long hours to ask for health and wealth, because we know that God decrees on that day our future, we quickly forget about it and take pride in believing that everything depends on us. The solution is to nurture our faith through books, classes, etc., things that will help us to be in touch with God and remember His goodness at every moment.