Parashat Chukat

One of the laws of this parshah consisted in the cohen throwing the ashes of a red cow on people in a state of impurity. Surprisingly, they were purified, but the cohen remained impure! Within the precepts of the Torah, we find “statutes” (such as that of the red cow), which at first glance we define as “commandments of obedience”, which, although apparently have no logic (as we find in not killing or not stealing), we must fulfill them because that is what God commanded. Since this concept may be uncomfortable for us, I would like to exemplify it so that we can understand it better. A sick man visited his doctor because he had a sore throat. The latter prescribed a series of medications such as honey lozenges, diclonin and phenol. The patient understands that the honey lozenges are good for his throat, but he has never heard of the rest of the remedies. Can you imagine what would happen if he reproaches the doctor: I will not take the rest of the medicines because I do not know them! Surely the doctor will answer: How naïve you are! Did you study medicine for 7 years and know all the remedies? Many times we do not find the meaning of some precepts, without a doubt we must investigate the meaning, but the most important thing is to focus on who is behind them, who gave us the “recipe” for us to have a healthy and full life.