Parashat Shemini

Why, according to Judaism, can’t we eat whatever we want? What’s wrong with enjoying a nice shrimp, a juicy roast pork, or a crispy fried lobster? If God is the source of goodness, why doesn’t He let us enjoy this world “our way”? This parashah tells us about the strict diet we must follow: No camels, pigs, hares, rabbits, rabbits, octopus, fruits of the sea, among others. sounds worse than any other diet! But one of the basic fundamentals of our beautiful tradition is that God with His infinite wisdom knows exactly what is best for us, because just as some foods damage our organism, increasing cholesterol, sugars, and can even be carcinogenic, in the same way they affect our behavior and our soul qualities. Although hundreds of years ago we were unaware of the possible damage that certain foods could cause, having to “blindly” place our trust in God and his healthful diet, we now have access to more information, such as a study by the Center for Food Safety that indicates that pork is considered one of the least healthy meats on the market and, therefore, should never be eaten raw or undercooked. One of the main infections caused is the so-called trichinosis caused by an intestinal larva, which can be fatal, as well as salmonella or hepatitis E. My intention is not to alarm you, simply to share the ancient wisdom to understand that it does not play against us, but helps our physical and spiritual integrity, and although at first glance it seems that there are some “rituals” out of fashion, we should not judge without first investigating the true meaning of its realization.