Parashat Vayakhel

WHAT DO YOU DO when your parents ask you for a favor? You’re probably thinking: what kind of question is that, it’s obvious that I do it, after all they are my beloved parents, who raised me and gave me all their love since I was born until today! But don’t be so sure, according to a survey by ‘The Family Watch’, 62.5% of families believe that in the last ten years communication between parents and children has worsened due to new technologies that have negatively transformed communication in the family environment. Let’s suppose that you are not part of the 62.5% of the survey, you should still analyze with what spirit you do what you are asked, because it is not the same to do a favor grumbling and questioning yourself: Why do they always ask me! to do it with the best intention and enthusiasm. In this Parashah the Torah relates how the children of Israel enthusiastically contributed to the construction of the tabernacle: “And Moses spoke to all the congregation of the children of Israel: This is what the Eternal has commanded: every generous-hearted person shall bring an offering for the Eternal: gold, silver and copper…. And both men and women came and brought bracelets and earrings and rings…” But how do we know that they did this with enthusiasm? Because Moshe had to beg them to stop bringing gold and silver, so much of which they had brought. This attitude of BeneiYisrael reflected their love for God. And this reveals one of the secrets to achieve true love in relationships: to give the best of ourselves, both in quality and quantity, both materially and spiritually. There are many people who need us, not necessarily our money, but a simple word of encouragement or comfort. May it be God’s to take advantage of our virtues to love others.