Thye Nazir

woman in black long sleeve dress standing near white plastic chair

This week the Parsha is Naso.

There’s a very interesting Mitzva, the Nazir. The Nazir is a person who receives on himself a vow not to drink wine, cut his hair or be in contact with a dead body. It’s for a minimum of 30 days.

In the Tora this Mitzva comes after the Sota who is a woman that is suspected of doing things behind her husband. The commentaries say that the reason the Perashot are together is to teach that if a person sees a woman like this he should abstain from wine, since wine is one of the main things that drives the person to be immoral.

Nevertheless, the Sages call this person a sinner, the Talmud explains the reason is because he’s abstaining himself from the wine, he’s refraining from enjoying HaShem’s blessings.

So, on the one hand he did well by becoming a Nazir to protect himself from falling but on the other hand he’s a sinner! Here we learn an important principle of Judaism: The material world is a blessing but also a test. If we use the world properly, we elevate and elevate the world with us, but if we go after our lusts, we go under and take the world down with us.

My favorite example I the cell phone: An incredible tool to have free time to spend with family. You leave your office early, make your phone calls in traffic, and come home free to do homework with your kids or take a walk with your wife. It sounds like a joke, doesn’t it?

Who’s in control: You or Nokia?

Soly Firman