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This week we start the book of Bamidbar, Numbers. Here the Tora counts the children of Israel in the desert according to each Tribe.

It’s interesting that the Tribe of Binyamin counted 35 400 people and the one following which is Dan, counted 62 700. It’s interesting because Binyamin had ten children and Dan only one, besides, that one child was deaf. People had pity on him and thought that there was no future for poor Dan. Nevertheless we see that at the end they amounted to almost twice as much as Binyamin.

The Chafetz Chaim says that people think many things but from here we see that who ever fins favor in HaShem’s eyes is the one that will be blessed. There are poor people that are happy with their lot and rich people that are lacking everything.

When the first plane crashed into the twin towers, evacuation started in the bottom floors. There was a man that had had a heart attack and could not walk fast. Two of his friends helped him down but they were walking very slowly. He told them to leave him and run but they said they’re not abandoning him. Meanwhile, the second plane crashed into the other tower that finally collapsed before the first one. A lot of people that had gone down quickly where buried under the ruble of the fallen tower. This man and his friends left after the fallen tower and survived.

Soly Firman