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Escaping Yemen: A Jewish Account

In their hometown of Raidah, Yemen, the Dahari family faced anti-Semitism on a daily basis. While most cases of hate crimes against Jews in the United States include verbal attacks and vandalism, anti-Semitism in the Middle East is not as widely understood. In 1948, the State of Israel declared and confirmed her statehood, consequentially a […]

Charlottesville: The Jewish Perspective

At some point we must ask ourselves, when does it end? The “it” is the egregious anti-Semitism spouting from every corner of world. Recently, we have seen prejudice against the Jewish People comes from many different mediums. Last week the source was Imam Ammar Shahin of Davis, California’s Islamic Center of Davis whom had called for Allah to “annihilate” Jews […]

Condemning California’s Anti-Semitic Imam

“Never Again,” has become the mantra for the Jewish People and all other nations that have been heavily persecuted against in the past. The world claimed to stand against and not tolerate anti-Semitism and racial/ethnic prejudice. As many of us think what happened in Nazi Germany of course could not take place in the United States or in […]

Bringing more than just Football

In these last few days, American Jews in Israel have been welcoming a little bit of our past lives back into our Aliyah living. Steve Leibowitz (founder of American Football Israel), Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots), and Yonah Mishaan (American Football Israel Trustee) have brought to us “Touchdown in Israel II,” a sequel to their original event of […]

What Israel Can Do for You Post-Birthright?

Since 1999, the educational program bringing young Jews (18-26) from all over the world to discover their heritage and homeland is the well-known Taglit-Birthright. A free 10-day tour of the Jewish state, the student participants either went on to please their parents and grandparents or bragged about to their friends. Today, Taglit-Birthright is just the tip of the iceberg for the adventure that […]

Even in Jerusalem, It Could Have Been Anyone

In Jerusalem, the City of Peace, it could have been anyone. In many cities in Israel, whether they cross the Green Line or not, human beings are being targeted for the crime of being. Sadly this past Friday, when the Palestinian terrorist entered Jerusalem’s Light Rail train, he was simply looking to end an innocent life. In […]