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Research shows Pope Pius XII knew of WWII killing of Jew

German researchers investigating the recently opened Vatican archives of war-time Pope Pius XII reveal that he was aware of mass killings of Jews in Europe, but that he kept the information from the United States, according to a report in the Washington Post.

PA and Fatah honor Munich Massacre terrorists in anniversary posts

The Palestinian Authority (PA), and the PLO’s largest party, Fatah, on Thursday marked the anniversary of the “deaths as martyrs” of three terrorists who participated in the planning, kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics…

Neo-Nazis Zoom-Bomb Holocaust Survivor’s Online Testimony

Neo-Nazis on Monday crashed an online Holocaust Remembrance Day event hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Germany.

The embassy hosted survivor Zvi Herschel, who told his …

Coronavirus fuels rise in anti-Semitism, Israeli researchers warn

A research report released Monday by Tel Aviv University claimed that the novel coronavirus has caused a spike in anti-Semitic rhetoric blaming Jews for the global pandemic and the subsequent economic recession.